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VCA Style 'Onyx' 5 Motif Bracelet 18K

VCA Style 'Onyx' 5 Motif Bracelet 18K

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VCA Style 'Onyx' 5 Motif Bracelet is a masterful fusion of classical sophistication and contemporary allure, crafted by the esteemed French luxury brand. This exquisite bracelet showcases five meticulously designed motifs, each adorned with the rich and lustrous beauty of onyx, a stone known for its deep, velvety black hue.

The onyx motifs are expertly carved and polished to perfection, highlighting the stone's natural elegance and providing a striking contrast against the precious metals that frame them. The careful arrangement of motifs creates a captivating harmony, making this bracelet a true work of art that seamlessly transitions from day to night with unparalleled grace.


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