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VCA Style 'Malachite' Necklace 18K

VCA Style 'Malachite' Necklace 18K

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VCA Style 'Malachite' Necklace in 18K gold is a captivating union of natural elegance and timeless luxury. Created by the esteemed French jewelry house, this necklace features a series of exquisite malachite elements set within a radiant framework of 18-karat gold.

The necklace celebrates the distinctive allure of malachite, known for its rich green color and unique banding patterns. Each malachite element is meticulously shaped and polished to showcase the stone's inherent beauty, creating a visually striking and harmonious design. The deep green tones of malachite harmonize with the warm and lustrous glow of the 18K gold, resulting in an accessory that embodies sophistication.


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